Odebrecht Apologizes for its Mistakes

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Odebrecht acknowledges its participation in illicit actions in its business activities.

It does not matter that we gave in to external pressure. Nor is it relevant that there are behaviors that the private and public sectors must resist and correct in their relationships.

What matters is that we acknowledge our involvement. We were complicit and did not fight these practices, as we should have.

This was a grave error. We violated our own principles and transgressed against the values of honesty and ethics.

We will not let this happen again.

Odebrecht apologizes, particularly for its failure not to have acted sooner.

Odebrecht’s ability to manage and execute that is recognized by our clients, the competency and commitment of our professionals, and the quality of our products and services should have been the basis for avoiding these mistakes.

Odebrecht has learned from these mistakes and is evolving.

We are committed, with great conviction, to reform.

Commitment to the Future

We have implemented the Odebrecht Commitment to Act with Ethics, Integrity and Transparency. All Odebrecht businesses, without exception, will practice this commitment, with conviction and responsibility.

We will not be complacent.

This Commitment is proof of our determination to change:

Society now demands higher standards in the relationships between the government and private sector.

We wish to participate in this societal initiative, together with other sectors, and change the practices that prevailed in past public-private relations.

We support those that call for structural changes to ensure that the government and private sector comply with strict ethical and democratic standards.

This is our Commitment to the future.

This is our path to earn back your trust.