Reaffirming the “Commitment to Brazil”

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The measures now being adopted are related to the conscious decision taken by Odebrecht just over one year ago. In March 2016, Odebrecht announced, in a public notice entitled “Commitment to Brazil,” that it had taken the decision “to collaborate on a permanent basis with the investigations under Operation Car Wash.”

The notice contained the following statement, which Odebrecht now reaffirms: “We hope that the clarifications made in our collaboration make an important contribution to the Brazilian authorities and to building a better Brazil.”

Since then, after the collaboration given by its executives and former executives, Odebrecht recognized its wrongdoings, made a public apology and signed a leniency agreement with Brazilian and Swiss authorities and with the U.S. Department of Justice. The agreement imposes rigorous financial penalties and sanctions to allow the group to continue operating.

Odebrecht is doing its part in its Commitment to Brazil. It already has adopted a new governance model and is implementing rigorous rules and controls for combating corruption, with permanent oversight to ensure that all its actions, especially those involving government officials, always are conducted with ethics, integrity and transparency.

The group’s new system is being monitored since last month by specialists in compliance appointed by the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF) and the U.S. Department of Justice.

It’s our commitment to the future. It’s the path we’ve chosen to regain society’s trust.

Odebrecht S.A.